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Dubai Lynx 2013/ PR Silver: Sprite раздухва неудобни истини из Саудитска Арабия

След близо три годишно отсъствие на Sprite от пазарите в страните от Арабския полуостров, маракта решава да се завърне по един категоричен и запомнящ се начин – като се превръне в посланик на неудобните истини и тоталното отсъствие на цензура в страните, където цензурата е начин на живот. За реализиране на целите се използват само социални канали, където според статистиката, младите хора от Арабстките страни, прекарват по около 15 часа дневно. Започват серия от болезнено искрени публикации на страницата си във Facebook, нецензурирани видеа и дори мини-сериал, който представя откровено истинни ситуации от ежедневието на таргетираните хора. В началото аудиторията е тотално отблъсната от тази кампания, но постепенно хейтърите се превръщат в лайкъри и броят им надвишава 400 000 само на страницата във Facebook. Агенцията е MEMAC OGILVY Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.

Type of Entry: PR: Technique

Describe the campaign/entry:
Sprite has been virtually non-existent in the Middle East for three years. We were tasked to bring it to life along with its core value message of being a refreshingly honest brand that doesn’t promote bullshit. Our strategy was to encourage young Saudis to adopt this kind of mindset in their lifestyle, and introduce Sprite as a refreshing soft drink, that inspires you to be true to yourself. Our audience was not familiar with the brand, and has never been exposed to this bold tone of voice, especially in Saudi Arabia, where every kind of content is constantly filtered. Our young target audience spends a daily average of 15 hours on the internet. So we used YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, as pillars for our direct communication with Saudis. That’s why these channels were for us the best medium for communication and activation, with minimal content filtering, and maximum direct, Saudi self-expression. And to keep the discussions enjoyable, we used comedy to send refreshingly honest fun messages.

Once the idea for Sprite Minalakhir was born and extensive research into relevant topics were finalized we started the shooting and production of our 5 minute video comedy episodes right where our target audience sits. We aired on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and the Minalakhir-website. The first few weeks we received harsh criticism from our target audience who was not prepared for a brand as bold and honest as Sprite. Staying true to ourselves and our brand message we soon increased the number of our followers and contributors who started self-expressing, communicating and spreading the message. Our young Saudis became our voice online which encouraged us pursue our plans… why we are still on air providing a platform to self-express.

Although the campaign received harsh criticism in the first few weeks, in a period of only 8 weeks, we turned most haters into followers. We grew from only 53 fans Facebook to around 400.000 active fans, with over 6.000 participations in the competitions. The show went from almost getting cancelled, to hitting over 5.5 million views… and counting.

Annual sales growth of 2% in KSA jumped to an incredible 15% growth during the first half of the campaign! And most importantly, we created a self-expression movement around Saudi youth, encouraging them to say things the way they are.

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