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Dubai Lynx 2013/ PR Bronze: Да поговорим за култура

В резултат на тази кампания, един конкретен вид птица-дропла се превръща буквално в национален символ за хората от Обединените Арабски Емирства. Националният фонд за опазване на птицата инициира поредица от масирани инициативи, първично насочени към учениците и техните родители. Постепенно кампанията надминава очакванията на организаторите си и заслужено печели и бронзът на Dubai Lynx 2013. Агенцията е IMPACT PORTER NOVELLI Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.

Type of Entry: PR: Sectors and Services

Describe the campaign/entry:
The PR campaign was founded on changing the behaviour of future generations through raising awareness and educating a range of stakeholders on the importance of conserving the Houbara bird. IFHC runs a captive breeding and release programme to repopulate diminishing stocks as well as create awareness and change behaviour. Key to changing behaviour and awareness is education. - IFHC and ADEC worked together to define key objectives for a succcessful education programme - preserve culture and heritage, integrate the Houbara and IFHC into the national curriculum and inspire future generations to train for careers in ecology, genetics and science. By teaming up with ADEC, IFHC built a programme centred around inquiry learning and experiential education. Key education tools were developed - brochures, games, presentations - and provided to pilot schools at 2 different age groups, grade 5 and grade 9. Classes then used these to learn about the Houbara prior to visiting IFHC's captive breeding and release centre, NARC. During the visit, students were shown key parts of the facility from display pens to the live food area and the incubation areas. A movie was shown depicting each step of the ecology programme from artificial insemination to release of mature birds. Following the visit, children created presentations, books and plays about the Houbara and IFHC which they shared with their schools and parents. Originally the pilot programme encompassed 2 schools, in 2012/13 it grew to 12 schools and for 2014/15 there is currently interest from more than 40 schools.

The initial meetings took place in June 2011 where research was discovered and ideas shared. Planning took off in January 2012 when the agency built strong relationships with ADEC; the school programme began to take shape. Sharing documents, information and creating content for the school visits took place in Q1 of 2012. This involved providing relevant information to ADEC regarding IFHC. ADEC created curriculum materials based on 'inquiry learning' that was shared with two schools. In Q2 the schools visited NARC and were able to ask knowledgable questions regarding IFHC and the captive breeding programme. The schools then presented their findings to peers, parents and the team. The presentations were correct and factual and as result, many schools are wait listed to join the programme. The method of learning used 'inquiry learning' is based on allowing children to use different ways to discover information and proved perfect for our programme.

From an initial pilot of 2 schools, the 2012/2013 IFHC school programme now encompasses 12 schools with plans to expand the programme to more schools and age groups in the coming years.The programme is the first of its kind in the Gulf region to incorporate 'inquiry learning' into national curriculum activities around a conservation programme. Its success has lead many students to understand the importance of conservation and the preservation of natural habitats and heritage. In addition, IFHC are hoping to expand their education programme significantly and are exploring the option of building a fully equipped education centre in NARC. This will create more jobs locally and also allow more children than ever to learn about IFHC, the Houbara and conservation. This programme also had a ripple effect internationally with Cheshunt School in Maryland, USA designing a web app based on conserving the Houbara.

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